• Social media management
    With our in-house developed strategy, we call POST, we accurately identify targeted audiences, develop fully-fledged strategies around their interests, and reach them out on the appropriate channels.
    Content creation & development
    We create “content platforms” or themes, that achieve different objectives. Our creative team is well-rooted in the local market and always ready to implement the latest trends for guaranteed engagement.
    We create “Editorial Plans” to manage content and publish it. We use the latest technological tools, we ensure developing and delivering content calendars at the right time as well as listening and monitoring.
    For us, advertising is an art that we craft to achieve our goals. We maximize the returns of ad budgets by accurately implementing planned strategies, precise targeting, daily monitoring, and using the right content at the right time.
    Influencer Management
    We reach out on your behalf to the most relatable influencers and industry gurus from various platforms. We study their message, impact and collaborate with them as an integral part of our strategies
    We research, identify, and establish the right keywords to monitor. Through social media listening, we engage and react to your prospects and their topics of interest.
    We work with preferred partners to oursource the best quality of videography and photography. In collaboration with the strategy team, we ensure to find the perfect fit in how to deliver the communication message that achieves the required objectives.
    Crisis management
    Our crisis management structure ensures that top internal decision-makers are aligned and can take the appropriate decisions in the shortest period. We achieve this by analyzing risk factors and the ideal scenarios of response during the phase of strategy creation.